Bison Burgers Are a Smoking Hot Alternative to Ground Beef

  • Posted by: admin
  • 2017-07-21

Bison Burgers Are a Smoking Hot Alternative to Ground Beef

You most likely enjoy your burgers sizzling hot with all the fixings. You expect them to taste amazing and delicious. You wouldn’t settle for a cheap imitation, would you? Of course not. You’ve probably heard of bison burgers and wondered if they measure up to ground beef. All it takes is one look at the juicy perfection of this burger and you’ll be a believer.

Better than Beef, Turkey, or Veggie Patties

You might have a strong preference for all American beef patties, but if you have a little adventurousness in your spirit you’ll most definitely want to try bison burgers. If you aren’t into burgers don’t worry because there’s many more ways to make bison delicious by preparing it in myriad ways.

Have some meatloaf made from bison and cover it in your favorite sauce just like you’re accustomed to. If you want to keep experimenting with the limits of bison then you can consider bison ring bologna. You won’t know the difference although you might think it tastes even better than your usual cold cuts do.

Make your favorite chile recipe and you’ll thank yourself for trying bison as the main ingredient because it tastes so darn good! There’s a place for bison at your table whether it’s for dinner or a social event. Bison is a perfect alternative for those who want to taste something different than the normal beef medley.

Bison Is an Amazing Alternative

You won’t believe it until you see it for yourself, and then you’ll be so curious you’ll want to give a taste. Your friends will be impressed with your culinary eye for something different. You can enjoy bison sausage and hot dogs for your next barbeque. Wow your taste buds and everyone else who tries it with these lean healthy beef alternative. Bison won’t shrink when you cook it and you won’t need to drain the fat after cooking it.