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  • 2017-07-21

The food is on its way, mobile speaking

The food being catered for is ideal for the following events or folks; fully catered venues, sports do’s, college kid frat gatherings, without the booze, lots of ice cream instead, large scale picnics, this is an ambitious but highly imaginative do, for larger than usual numbers, church outings, oh, there’s those that don’t go to church, rock concerts then, and so on and so forth. The catering list for food trucks is endless. But, come on guys, you all have it, you all have some imagination, why don’t you use it. Find out what floats your gravy or chocolate sundae boat.

Or put shoulder to the driver’s steering wheel and test your own ideas on paper with a few peers who are starting to get into your spunk and funk for startups with food on wheels. A lot of planning always goes into the catering business, but a food truck, at the end of the day, if this is what you decide on, does little damage to your pocket. Depending on your small budget or business plan, you can decide on short-term rental or lease, instead of buying the whole set of wheels. Nothing is permanent in this business, and it’s handy to have, well, a handy service provider standing by should you decide to change your catering theme or menu plans or town or market.

You could be in luck in this business. Run by your local small business development office and find out, yes, that’s right, what’s cooking, or not, in this case. Guys, folks are always hungry, so no matter where they are or what event they’re attending, they’re always want to eat. And being the savvy entrepreneur you are you can always make them believe that they’re hungry.