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  • 2017-02-21

What Is The Future Of The Internet Of Things?

If you’re only vaguely familiar with the internet of things, or IoT as it is commonly known, you probably only think of it in the context of normal household applications. The reality of the internet of things is that it has a much larger scope and potential. In the future, the internet of things could change our society and the way we live. To find out more about the possibilities that the internet of things hold, click to follow the link. An example of this has already occurred in Britain. Since the government has been putting a lot of emphasis on the importance of saving power and wasting less on heating, they have started to implement what they call smart meters.

These meters will automatically adjust the heating in your home depending on the weather that day. This is an example of the internet of things making our everyday life easier. In the future, the internet of things may evolve to the point where everything is controlled better. Traffic lights could keep track of utility use, the bins on the street could signal when they’d need to be emptied and much more. This is the type of future that exists in science fiction, but it could very soon be a reality.

The obvious upside to this is how efficient it would make everyday life. If every gadget and item in your house was smart, you’d save an extraordinary amount of time each day. Is there a downside? Definitely, but this is only because more work is needed. Privacy is always a challenge, as with any internet related things, but this can be perfected once more work has been done. More IoT professionals are needed to accomplish this.